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Stoney Creek Services Include

Carpet Cleaning

Flooded Basements

Mold Removal

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You will find the intriguing town of Stoney Creek situated on the south shore of the infamous Lake Ontario. This community has experienced an explosion of residential growth and still have kept most of the agriculture assets in place. An exciting place to visit for wonderful nature and history. You will find more than these few mentioned attractions on your visit:

  • Battlefield House
    • This is not only a museum, but a park that is located on 32 acres full of trails and gardens. This is also one of Canada’s National Historic Sites.
  • Flowerpot Island
    • Take in these natural wonders of limestone stack and cliffs. Hiking around the island is a great experience and then top it off with a lighthouse tour for the ultimate adventure.
  • Fort George Historic Site
    • Go back in time to 1812 with a real life journey through restored buildings and costumed staff. See true history as it was in the past.

Stoney Creek offer the urban, suburban, or rural lifestyles. There is an endless supply of shopping, recreational activities, and employment opportunities. With all the variance of culture and adventure in an area known as the “Golden Horseshoe”.


At Water Damage Specialists we strive to attend to our customers every need in the beautiful and prominent community of Stoney Creek. We strive to make the community as satisfied as possible with their difficult and embarrassing problems of dirty or damaged carpets with our incredible efficient and quick Carpet Cleaning Services. Stoney Creek relies on us to keep their carpets clean, fresh, and healthy by removing stains and odors from normal wear to pet odors. Everyone wants their home to present a clean and healthy look while offering visitors a fresh clean smell. Home owners want to protect their prestige homes and we have performed Mold Remediation community wide. A little or a lot of mold and mildew can create very serious aftereffects and we are on top of remediating all of these types of matters. We are the leaders in all types of Mold Remediation and that is why the residents of Stoney Creek call us at the first sign of any mold or mildew possibilities. Especially, after they have experienced any kind of water damage. Our team is just as concerned about the family’s health and well-being as they are. So, we do our best to keep all mold and mildew under control and completely remediated out of the home. Everyone in this great Upper Canadian community of Stoney Creek value their prestige property and homes.  So, we at The Water Damage Specialists strive to repair, reconstruct and protect their property from future damage. Our successful Water Damage and Flooded Basement services have kept our name on the tips of everyone in the Stoney Creek community’s tongues for referrals. We absolutely love repeat business year after year from our satisfied customers. For any Wet Basement issues or any type of Water Damage, everyone in Stoney Creek knows who to call. – The Water Damage Specialists.