Flooded Basement

Flooded Basements

When natural disasters occur call us first!

There is nothing worse than a flooded basement. Either caused by a storm or sewer backup it can not only an emotional time but an expensive one. Don’t wait to make a decision when it comes to the structural integrity of your home, remember it’s an investment.

Flooded Basement

When natural or unnatural disasters occur call us first!

Flooding basement can happen anytime. With more rain than usual, a sewer backup, or a sump pump that is not working properly. When you first notice the water rising in your basement the best options is to call us right away to prevent even more damage. Depending on what you store or do in your basement will depend on the quickness required to move those items to a higher level. Water and electricity do not mix, so leave this to the professionals to access and handle promptly with our greater knowledge of wet basement solutions.

First and foremost, please consider you and your family’s safety, below you will find a list of dangerous effects than can occur with basement flooding!

  • Electric Shock
    • The biggest problem with floods are the chance of electrical shock, if possible safely turn off your breaker.
  • Gas Leaks
    • There is a possibility that a gas line might have been damage and opened up during the flood.
  • Chemical Leaks
    • If you leave chemicals on the ground level there is a good chance that they are now mixed in with the flood water.
  • Pollutants
    • Sewer backup is a possibility which is not only contains bacteria but can transmit disease, raw sewage is not something to be played around with.
  • Structure Damage
    • Walls, or any other structural part of a basement can be weakened after floods occur.

Enjoy your basement again and protect your largest investment in life. Water damage in your basement if left uncorrected will cause more damage not only to your basement, but possibly the foundation of your home as well. No matter the issue you may be having with your Flooded Basement we are sure to help you resolve the issue once and for all. Our trained technical team will come and access the situation thoroughly to correct the problem and repair your basement even better than before.

The most severe basement flooding can come from severe storms and heavy rains. This can be frightening due to the fact of having the water rising in your basement and not knowing how far the water will rise. We try to take as much of the stress out of the situation with our friendly customer service staff. We empathize with our customers and get them the fastest service and solution possible to prevent any more damage to their basement.

Some corrections you may be looking at would be waterproofing your basement. Which would mean the walls and floor of your basement to prevent outside water from seeping in. You may need to have sump pump installed to automatically pump out any access eater that gets into you basement. Possibly even Window Wells may be the solution for you. Whatever, the solutions you will be sure to get the best service and information when you call us at The Water Damage Specialists.

The quicker your flooded basement is cleaned up and restored or repaired the less likely there will be an issue with the treaded mold and mildew. As we all know mold and mildew can cause health issues and we work at the best possible speed to prevent any buildup of mold and mildew. We are prepared to deal with this issue, as this is a common occurrence when dealing with Basements that have flooded.

Sewer backups are another problem that occurs in some situations. This is really when you need to let professionals step in as soon as possible to get this situation under control. As this deals with definite bacteria and is very unhealthy. We are completely trained to safely handle any sewer backup cleanups in a safe and responsive manner.

If your basement flooding becomes a common occurrence and all other remedies have been fully reviewed, then our professional team will take the next step. This would be when an engineering direction would warrant further investigations to see how to repair the flooding issue from an outside option. An example would be some type of drainage system around the house to keep water from draining into the house and more of a direction away from the house.

Due to the low level that most basements are at, some water seepage is expected. However, is the seepage is causing mold or mildew then this is the time to call in expert to review the situation with you. A little bit of prevention goes a long way. If you have any question or concerns about any water drainage you are seeing in your basement, just give a quick call for a professional opinion to let you know if there is really a cause for concern on your part.

Some simple tips to help avoid Basement Flooding-

  • Keep your rains gutters and downspouts in good condition and clear of clogs form leaves or debris. Make sure that the downspouts drain out at least 6 inches going away from the house.
  • A very good investment would a quality de-humidifier set in your basement. This unit should be able to remove around 70 pints a day or better. Make sure to run the unit constantly, pending weather conditions in your area. This helps to keep most of the moisture out of the basement area, thereby preventing a moisture and old- mildew issue in the future.
  • If your basement contains any type of flooring be sure that there is a plastic vapor barrier between the flooring material and the actual concrete basement floor.
  • Be sure to have any small cracks properly sealed by a professional. Small cracks are expected as the house settles with time.

When calling The Water Damage Specialists you will find comfort and a stress-free experience. Whether your Flooded Basement situation is a minor or a severe one, we have the right professionals to put your mind at ease. Don’t wait to have us investigate your water flooding problem, call us now and save money in the long run.