Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

Have water under your carpet or need to have it cleaned?


From Mild to Severe Carpet Cleaning – We Do It All!

Floors take the most abuse in a home, so keeping them clean is a priority for everyone.

Carpet Cleaning is major part of house maintenance, let us handle this intense part of cleaning for you. Cleaning your carpets regularly will keep them looking new for years to come. Do you have dirt, stains, or mold?  Not only do we take care of severe water damaged carpets, we have several types of cleaning services available.

Our experienced and professional technicians are available for carpet cleaning in the service areas of Ancaster, Burlington, Grimsby, Hamilton, and Stoney Creek. We use only the top of the line equipment and the utmost care when dealing with your carpet concerns.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Services

  • Regardless of size of your carpet
  • One or more rooms cleaned
  • High traffic areas look like new again
  • Pet Odors are gone
  • Stains disappear
  • Mold remediation
  • Loosen ground in soil that gets down in the carpet fibers

Our carpet cleaning service will provide you with a deeper clean and longer lasting results.

Water Damaged Carpet

Each water damage situation is different, so an assessment is the first step to recovery. Safety is our first priority during flooding events. We want to be sure the area is safe from nay electrical or slip and falls hazards. Use care in the affected area and only do what is necessary in those areas. Remember that wet material and items will weigh a lot more when wet. However, the general process is still usually the same in most situations. Be sure to only trust professionals to properly handle and restore your home after a water damage event. With our specialized equipment and products, we will have this event put far behind you as fast as possible.

  • Water damage needs immediate attention
  • Call for our professional team to inspect the damage
  • Water removal
  • Drying and dehumidification
  • Cleaning and any repairs if needed
  • Restoration if needed

Some important steps that will help limit the damage would be to remove as much of the excess water as possible with a mop or rags. Place blocks under furniture legs and carpet that is not anchored down. For maximum drying effect, turn your air conditioning system on if weather permits. Remove any area rugs to a better area to dry. Of course you want to pick up any other items that may be on the wet carpet. The most important step is to call us The Water Damage Specialists right away.

Upholstery Cleaning

Keep your furniture in the same great condition as your carpet with a professional Upholstery Cleaning. Not only will your home look and smell better, you will be extending the life of your furniture. With a simple and easy call to us you will get rid of those annoying and embarrassing stains. Let us clean away that dust and pollen to keep those allergies at bay. For a healthier home upholstery cleaning you can reduce bacteria and germs. Enjoy your family and your furniture without worries of ruining your furniture.

  • Furniture upholstery – sofas and chairs
  • Mattress cleaning
  • Drape freshening
  • Any type of material
  • Remove stains
  • Eliminate odors
  • Sanitizing
  • Fabric protectant

Even if your furniture has been treated with a protector when you purchased it, this protectant can wear off over time. After having your furniture professionally cleaned by us, you can have a refreshed protector reapplied. All these steps will help to extend the life of your furniture and make your furniture easier to keep clean. Spills will wipe right off and prevent future embarrassing stains. Upholstery Cleaning is a must when you have kids and pets. For a quick and painless quote give us a call today!

Area Rug Cleaning

Whether your area rugs have severe or just light stains or just need a good cleaning, let our professionals handle your delicate favorite area rug.  To ensure damage free cleaning of your rug our cleaning techs are experienced and trained to handle the gentlest cleaning that is required for area rugs. Trust the rug experts at The Water Damage Specialists and let us bring your rug back to its normal new look without that traffic path. We promise our customers to use the most effective, but safe method of cleaning their rugs. We team up with you on protecting your investment in your beautiful expensive area rugs.

Various materials of rugs that can be cleaned:

  • Hand Woven
  • Silk
  • Synthetics
  • Wool

Be sure not to attempt cleaning your area rug yourself. Most people end up damaging their rugs beyond repair. Call us for an estimate and we will show how quick and painless it is to use a professional rug cleaning service in the very beginning to save you money and a possible headache later down the road. Each rug varies in the type of solutions to use, as well as the process that is crucial to keep from damaging the rug.

For an example, Wool is the most durable carpet fiber there is. Wool did dominate the rug market until the 50s. In regards to production costs, Nylon began replacing wool rug material. Nylon was cheaper to purchase and simple to use. However, Wool will tend to keep dirt well hidden that will affect the life of the rug and keep odors in the rug as well. Older rugs made of Wool will need special care and knowledge when cleaning that our techs are well trained for. The older Wool rugs are worth saving as they are fire-retardant, easier to dye, and more durable.

Soil, if not extracted, will wear carpet fibers from both wool and conventional carpet material. Carpet cleaning technicians know the proper alkalinity cleaning solutions that are required. Alkalinity can cause fiber degeneration and discoloration. Our specialized techs are ready to inspect and clean your rugs, as well as any restoration that may be needed.